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Partners since the dawn of time, cheeses and beers have been paired over the centuries, sitting side by side within abbeys. Reblochon and beer, the two oldest fermented products of mankind, are just made to get along.

Guide as to how to enjoy cheese and beer together.

It is important to firstly identify the personality of each beer. Then one takes a bite of cheese, one swallows and one observes the development of flavours.

Then one takes a sip of beer and one analyses, on the one hand, the affect the beer has on the flavour of the cheese, and, conversely, the influence the cheese has on the beer.

The recommended tasting order for beers is from mild to full-bodied, as is the case for cheeses.

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accord vin et fromage reblochon


Reblochon pairs perfectly well with wine but bear in mind what goes well together!

Savoy wines are particularly well suited as an accompaniment to Reblochon. Choose, for example, an Apremont, a Roussette de Savoie, or a Chignin-Bergeron.

One could also steer towards other notes, opting for more perfumed sweet reds, such as certain slightly younger Burgundy wines, Collioure wines or Loire Valley wines.

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