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Florent, producteur de lait reblochon

Milk producers

520 farms produce milk for the production of Reblochon throughout the PDO geographical area. Reblochon. Milking usually takes place twice...

camille fromagère reblochon

The dairy or cheese factory

19 processing workshops are authorised to process the milk into Reblochon. The places where the milk is collected and the...

sandra producteur de reblochon fermier

Farm-produced Reblochon producers

130 farmer producers comprise the PDO area. Reblochon. The farmer producers are milk producers who produce farm-produced Reblochon just after...

lionel affineur de reblochon de savoie


11 ripeners are present in the PDO geographical area. Reblochon. The farm producers often call on specialists to mature their...

vache abondance


Abondance is a breed originating from the Abondance Valley in Haute-Savoie. It is almost exclusively found in Reblochon and Abondance...

vache montbéliarde


The Montbéliarde breed originates from the Jura Mountains. It has a white coat with large brownish-red markings over its entire...

vache tarine ou tarentaise


or Tarentaise. The Tarentaise breed originates from the Tarentaise in Savoie (in the upper Isère Valley). The cows have an...

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